Our Mission

The Bensalem Jewish Outreach Center, better known as BJOC, is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to providing education and outreach to the Jewish community in and around Bucks County, PA.

Our goal is to help all Jews throughout Bucks County discover more about their heritage, and become more familiar with their traditions. By sharing the warmth and joy that learning and living a Torah life provides, we connect to Jews from all backgrounds and all affiliations.
about bjoc
about bjoc
I have nothing but love in my heart for BJOC and those who run it. It is a place of learning without fear of judgment, a place of warmth and kindness, and a place of true generosity of spirit. I am new to the teachings of the Orthodox community but have found a new respect in all that I have learned and all that I continue to learn from the Travitsky's and the other members of the Outreach Center.
-Amy Blaker
In October of this year, my wife fell and badly broke the humerus bone in her left arm in 3 places, virtually incapacitating her. The outpouring of love, care and concern has overwhelmed both of us. I can't count the number of meals, members of BJOC have provided. My association with BJOC has been a true source of strength to me and my wife, Susan. I would like to mention Rabbi Travitsky specifically, as the one person that helped me do some introspective thinking. He is a devout man who loves to teach and share what he knows. I am very grateful to him and all members of The BJOC family.
-Allen Sokoloff
We always feel welcome and wanted, surrounded by good friends, a great Rabbi, and educators. Our children's Jewish identity grew, as well as, the knowledge of their Jewish heritage, and the Hebrew language. Due to the school's creativity and hands-on approach, our boys have become more engaged with their faith in becoming lifelong learners.
-Trista Factor
Steven Leibowitz
BJOC has made a meaningful impact on my life. It has enriched my life as I have had the opportunity to learn much more about my Jewish heritage and tradition. My relationship with Hashem has gotten much stronger. The many synagogue functions and events that I have attended has made me more aware of the many beautiful aspects of our religion. May it continue to grow and prosper as it brings the love of Judaism to the entire community.
-Steven Leibowitz
Ellen Sobel
I have been involved with BJOC since Jan of 2015. From Israel trips, to services, and many special events, my experience there has been one of warmth and growth. I have met many quality men and women there and have built relationships that I cherish. I have learned about Judaism in a different perspective. I would definitely recommend Bensalem Jewish outreach to anyone! Come in and experience!!
-Ellen Sobel
Jason Farber
Prior to my participation with BJOC, I never felt a strong connection to Hashem or to Judaism. Every time I would attend services the experience felt impersonal and less about Hashem or being with fellow Jews and more about purchasing High Holiday tickets or making contributions to a building fund. I became disillusioned with the whole process. To me, the synagogue was a financial investment rather than a communal expression of devotion to Hashem.
The experience I have had with BJOC is completely different. Every time I walk into a class, service or event, I feel like I am coming home.
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-Jason Farber