My name is Jason Farber and my family is a beneficiary of your generous contributions to the Bensalem Jewish Outreach Center. My family takes advantage of many of the opportunities that BJOC offers, including Hebrew school for children, holiday services/events, parent classes, and the Hebrew reading crash course. Over the past year and a half, the BJOC has increasingly become an important influence in my family's life.
Prior to my participation with BJOC, I never felt a strong connection to Hashem or to Judaism. Every time I would attend services the experience felt impersonal and less about Hashem or being with fellow Jews and more about purchasing High Holiday tickets or making contributions to a building fund. I became disillusioned with the whole process. To me, the synagogue was a financial investment rather than a communal expression of devotion to Hashem.
The experience I have had with BJOC is completely different. Every time I walk into a class, service or event, I feel like I am coming home. Rabbi Travitsky and his family are always present to teach and make sure classes and events are a success. My family and I are inspired by their commitment to those they are helping to educate.
Rabbi Selengut, who teaches my parent class and Hebrew reading class, is terrific. His compassion, humor and enthusiasm for the Torah is evident from the moment you meet him. His classes are interesting, thought-provoking and always have real world implications. For example, since learning about the Chofetz Chaim I think about my words more carefully because I don't want to diminish myself by diminishing another.
My family's association with BJOC has been nothing but a positive one. I wanted to write this letter to provide you with the perspective of someone whose family has been directly and positively impacted by your decision to support BJOC. On behalf of all of the families you do not hear from, thank you for doing this mitzvah.
Jason Farber