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This Shabbos we read Parshas Bamidbar. As we begin the book of Numbers, the Torah finds it necessary to tell us that Hashem gave His instructions to Moses in the desert (Bamidbar). Why is it so important to stress the fact that Moses got the Torah in the desert? There is a point being stressed here, that Torah has to be given in a desert, or to a person who is ready to live in a similar fashion to being in the desert. Our commentaries point out a particular lessons that we learn from this:
1) The desert is a place that is open and available for all. So too, Torah is available for all – it is not limited to any one person or family. As Maimonides writes, “the crown of Kingdom was taken by Kin David and his descendents; the crown of priesthood was taken by Aaron and his descendants. However, the crown of Torah is open for all those who want it.” Our attitude can never be, “this is not for me”. We have to feel as the joyous owners of a massive fortune, just waiting for us to lay claim to it. In no way are we second fiddle to any other person in the rights to enjoy and lay claim to our portion of the aTorah. This idea gives strength and inspiration to all of us, as we realize that we have just as much rights to the Torah as anyone else.
2) The desert is a place that is uninhabited – where no one has to conform to someone else. Maimonides writes (Daos Chapter 6) “If a person is in a bad place and can’t go to a better place, he should escape to the desert,…” This idea of not just following others is alluded to in the fact that the Torah was given in the desert, away from all the tumult of city living. Not to allow the pressure of society, the pressure of neighbors, the pressures of coworkers or of family to affect what we do is a very important step. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and determination to withstand all these pressures. If we can absorb this lesson, feeling as if we are in a desert where we don’t have to act based on the opinions of others, we are much closer to receiving the Torah.
3) The desert is a place devoid of luxuries. If a person wants to merit the Torah he has to be ready to sacrifice and to go without. If we need every bit of luxury and every bit of pleasure, we will not have the time or energy needed to acquire Torah. If we are ready to live a life of doing without, then we will manage to acquire and obtain the priceless gift of Torah.

These are some of the ideas alluded to in having the Torah given in a desert, especially relevant to us as we prepare for the holiday of Shavuos.

Wishing you and your family a Great Shabbos!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbi Moshe Travitsky

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