Parshas Noach 2007

This week we read Parshas Noach. The entire generation of Noah was so corrupt that it had to be destroyed and the world then recreated. Why did Noah merit to the one who was saved from the flood and who became the father of the entire new world?

The Torah tells us in the last verse of Parshas Beraishis “And Noah found favor in the eyes of Hashem”. (Genesis 6:8). Why did Noah find this favor? The Torah doesn’t really give us a reason.

In the classic work Sefer Charaidim, (Chapter 9:42) written at the time of the Arizal, the author quotes a statement in the Medrash that the answer to this is found in the name Noah. The Medrash explains that the name Noah comes from the word Menucha – which means rest. The Medrash explains that this means that Noah was a calm person. He didn’t get angry, or upset. Because of this he found favor in the eyes of Hashem. In the first verse of this week’s Parsha, the name Noah is mentioned three times. This is because Noah calm when he spoke, calm when he went places, and calm in his actions.

The lesson we are taught is very clear. To be a person who merits finding favor in the eyes of Hashem, we must develop ourselves to be a person who is patient. We certainly can improve our relationships with others if we work on becoming more patient. Not only is that true, but with that merit, who knows how far we can grow and attain closeness to Hashem!!