Yom Kippur 2007

As we prepare for Yom Kippur, the most holy day of the year, many thoughts go through our head. We stand ready to fast and avoid food and drink; to pray all day in the Synagogue; to resemble angels for one day in the year. Obviously, the entire day is very important to us. At any point we may suddenly feel that closeness and special connection to Hashem. If we had to pick a particular moment, however, that would represent the high point of Yom Kippur, what would that moment be?

We are taught are taught that this moment is Neilah, the last prayer on Yom Kippur before the doors are closed. “The choice of all the days of the year are the Ten Days of repentance. The choice of the Ten Days of Repentance is Yom Kippur. The choice of Yom Kippur is Neilah.” The moment that the gates are about to close, is the most special moment of the entire year. What can we do at this moment to use it to its fullest?

Our Sages teach us the importance of making a “kabala” (Not to be confused with mystics) at this time. When we beg of Hashem for forgiveness, we must come with some plan of action. We must show that we are serious about change and improvement. This is done with a “kabala”. We accept upon ourselves one concrete change – that we use to bring ourselves closer to Hashem. With that, we have clearly shown that we mean business, and relay will change.

We here in Bensalem invite all our readers to join us in a kabala for this coming year – to finish a book of Jewish study by the beginning of February in this coming year. Whether it is in Hebrew or English, long or short, the fact that we study Torah lifts us and makes us better Jews. Our relationship to Hashem, and to each other, can only improve from this.

Last year one hundred people joined in this program to make a siyum – a celebration to finish reading a book of Jewish study. This year we hope to do this with over three hundred. Please look at the form below, and email back if you can join us.