Bamidbar 2007

This Shabbos we begin a new book of the Torah, the Book of Numbers, and we read Parshas Bamidbar. We actually always read Parshas Bamidbar on the Shabbos before the Holiday of Shavuous, which we celebrate this coming Wednesday and Thursday. We know that Shavuous is a very special time. We commemorate the time that the Jewish people stood at Mount Sinai and received the Torah. What is the connection between this special Holiday and Parshas Bamidbar? Why does Parshas Bamidbar always have to be read right before this Holiday?

In Parshas Bamidbar we read of the instruction that Moses received to count the Jewish people. When Hashem tells Moses to count the Jewish people, he tells him “Seu es Rosh kol Adas B’nai Yisroel”“Lift up the entire Jewish people.” (Numbers 1: 2) Why is the word ‘Seu – Lift Up’ used? Wouldn’t the word ‘Menu – Count’ be more appropriate?

Rav Moshe Feinstien explained that there is a very great lesson that is being taught to us here, a lesson that must be mentioned before Shavuous. When a person falls short in doing what they should, it is usually because they don’t realize how important they are. When a person feels, “What’s the difference what I do?”, or “Do my actions really matter?”, then they are missing a very important point. When Hashem told Moses ‘Seu – Lift Up’ the Jewish people, there was a very special message to each of us. When Hashem counts us, he doesn’t just count the most special people. He doesn’t only count the thirty six hidden Tzadikem. He counts each and every Jew!! We are all important!! Everything we do is special!! As we approach Shavuous and mark the time to renew our accepting of the Torah, we must realize that our deeds are of utmost importance. Hopefully, if we truly appreciate how important what we do is, we can emerge from this Holiday with a stronger sense of commitment to Hashem and to the Torah.