Purim 2007

This Saturday night we celebrate Purim. We read the Megillah twice, once on Purim night, and once on Purim day. As we read the story of the Megillah, one peculiar observation arises. In the entire book, not once is the name of G-d mentioned. Astounding!!! Certainly, Mordechai and Esther were very observant Jews. How could it be that one of the books of our Holy scriptures, doesn’t openly refer to G-d even once?

The miracle of Purim was very different than other miracles that we commemorate. There is no open miracle like the splitting of the sea, that we are remembering. Rather, it is the hidden hand of Hashem that we are focusing on. The story of Purim, that developed over several years, contained no open miracles. Only when we piece the entire picture together afterwards, do we see how the hand of Hashem saved us from total annihilation. This lesson, that Hashem is constantly directing our lives and watching over us, is really the source for all of our joy on Purim. We are celebrating the reality that we have a Father who cares for us, and is directing every aspect of our lives.