Chanukah 2005

celebrate the miracle of Chanukah for eight days. Nothing is coincidental in this world, and certainly not the fact that the miracle of Chanukah was an eight day miracle. The number eight in Judaism is of very special significance. Seven represents the complete level of spirituality attainable naturally in this world. Seven days leads to Shabbos, seven years to the Shmittah year, seven shmittahs to the Jubilie year, seven weeks to the Sefiras Haomer,… Eight represents a level of holiness that is above this world; Spirituality that really is above our level in this world. The eight lights of Chanukah represent a level of holiness that is not attainable naturally in this world.

How is it that the macabees merited such a level of holiness to be reached on the eight days of Chanukah? Why should these days which don’t even have any holiness in Torah law contain such power?

The entire struggle of the Macabees made no sense. A few challenging many; untrained men challenging experienced warriors; ill armed fighters challenging the equipped elite of the world. Yet, the Macabees did it. They defied all logic, standing up to do what was right. Their dedication to rise above what was humanly possible was rising to a level that was unattainable by normal human strength. This was rewarded with a holiness that also is above normal human levels. This is the great opportunity of Chanukah – the opportunity to rise to special levels of closeness to Hashem and dedication to Him.