Shemos 2006

This week we begin the second book of the Torah, the book of Exodus. In Parshas Shemos, the first Parsha of this book, the Torah describes to us the encounter that Moses had with Hashem at the burning bush. When Moses was grazing the sheep of his farther –in-law Jethro, he saw a bush that was burning, yet not consumed. Moses approached the bush to see what was happening, and thereupon Hashem revealed Himself to him. Hashem told Moses, “Remove the shoes from upon your feet, for the place that you stand on is a place of holiness”.

The Chofetz Chaim explained that a lot more was contained in the simple instruction to Moses, than just to remove his shoes. Very often, a person will feel I could really do the mitzvot, the commandments very well, if I only had this problem taken care of, this issue resolved,… The Torah wants to tell us that this is not true. In every time, in every situation, a person can come close to Hashem to the degree that he or she tries to do so. This was the deeper meaning of the Torahs’ words. “Take your shoes off your feet – take of any separation that exists between you and Hashem; for the place that you stand on is a place of holiness” – exactly the spot that you are standing on is the spot of holiness that can give you your eternal perfection by serving Hashem as you can.