Shemini 2006

In this week’s Parsha, Parshas Shemini, we read of the consecration of the Tabernacle. For the first seven days that the Tabernacle stood, Moses served as the priest in it. On the eighth day, Aaron took over as the priest. When Moses commanded him to approach the altar, the sages told us that Aaron was reluctant. He saw an image of a calf on the altar, reminding him of the Golden Calf which he had a part in constructing. He felt unworthy of serving as a priest and offering sacrifices (which included calves) on the altar. Moses told him to approach the altar, “For this you have been chosen”. The commentaries explain that every person in this world has a particular mission to fulfill. Although every Jew must do every Mitzvah, there is a specific task that must be completed by each soul. How does one know what that particular job in life is? In the name of Rav Chaim Vital, disciple of the Arizal, we are taught that the mitzvah that we find the hardest to keep is the one that we are here to excel in. It is in that area that our evil inclination puts all his efforts to prevent us from succeeding. That is the area that we can shine in the most and excel in, if we really try. This is what Moses told Aaron. If you have a hard time approaching the altar, force yourself to do it. If it’s not easy, that’s a sign that this can be your greatest success! Do it, and remember, “for this you have been chosen”. How often do we give up on doing a mitzvah because it seems so hard? The next time this happens, just do it, and remember - “for this you have been chosen”!!!!!