The Shabbat Project Havdallah Concert
October 27, 18
8:30 PM
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The Shabbat Project Havdallah Concert

The Shabbos Project. It's simple: Jews of all walks of life, every age and from all corners of the world - uniting to experience one complete Shabbos together.

Shabbos (Friday) Night, October 27th

  • -Candlelighting: 5:40 PM
  • -Lively Carlebach Friday Night Service
  • -Community Dinner with Shabbat Oneg

Shabbos (Saturday) Day, October 28th

  • -Shachris Prayer: 8:30 AM 
  • -Gourmet Kiduush
  • -Shabbos Lunch (Hosts): 12:00 PM
  • -Mincha-Afternoon Service
  • -Third Meal- Community

Havdallah Concert, October 28th

  • -Concert + Refreshments: 8:30 PM


Whole Shabbang (Dinner + Havdallah Concert): $21/adult, $15/child and $60/family
Community Shabbat Dinner ONLY: $15/adult,  $12/child and $40/family
Community Havdallah Concert ONLY: $13/adult,  $8/child and $35/family

Dairy Buffet will be Served

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