Shul - Kehillas B'nai Shalom

Bensalem: Strong Foundations Start Here
An integral part of the Bensalem Jewish Outreach Center is our synagogue, Kehillas B'nai Shalom (KBS).

Originally launched as a minyan that changed weekly from house to house, KBS is now located in its permanent location, the beautiful and spacious Bensalem Jewish Outreach Center building. The services take place in in the Zichron Yeshayahu Elbogen Bais Medrash (study hall).

The warm and inviting environment of KBS helps all those who walk through its doors feel at home. KBS offers traditional and explanatory daily, Shabbos and Holiday services. After Shabbos morning services, we offer a lavish and tasty Kiddush. Aside from delicious refreshments and hot cholent, the camaraderie and warm atmosphere is sure to enhance your Shabbos.

You can also join us to remember your loved ones on their Yartzeit and/or for Yizkor.