hebrew school

Bensalem: Jewish Education Thrives Here
The Bucks County Hebrew School caters to Bucks County's Jewish children and offers fun and exciting programs every Sunday.

The program is designed to give children the opportunity to learn about their heritage and instill within them Jewish pride that will remain with them forever.

Throughout the year, children learn about Jewish history, holidays, and customs in a very creative and innovative manner. Songs, crafts, plays and more are all an integral part of our curriculum to instill a love and passion for Judaism within our students. It is also an opportunity to make and meet Jewish friends throughout Bucks County.

At Bucks County Hebrew School it's not just kids who learn. With our Family Partnership Program, parents have an opportunity to study in a simultaneous class for adults. It's a whole family journey into Jewish Learning with a comprehensive, interactive program. Parents who take advantage of this opportunity can receive almost complete scholarships to cover the cost of their children's Hebrew School education!

All Jewish residents are welcome and encouraged to become part of the Bucks County Hebrew School family.

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