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BJOC - bensalem JEwish outreach

The Bensalem Community Kollel and Jewish Outreach Center is a multi-faceted institute of Jewish education.  We encompass an in-depth Talmudic studies program for our Kollel scholars, and a multitude of outreach classes and programs to educate and enrich our community with knowledge about their Jewish heritage.

The Bensalem Kollel is an institute for advanced Judaic studies, where our Rabbis devote a portion of their time, intellect and energy to plumb the depths of the Talmud, while also committed to reaching out to the greater Jewish Bucks County community to unite in our quest for a vibrant, Jewish identity.  Each Jew is respected regardless of affiliation, and is assisted in their quest for a meaningful Jewish life at their own pace.  The Kollel Rabbis, wives and their families provide a strong support system to all Jews with classes and programs for the whole family, Shabbat invitations, and more.  Come visit us at 2446 Bristol Road, Bensalem, PA 19020 or call us at (215)752-5032 and come see for yourself.

Sunday 10:30 AM-12:00 - Taste Buddies Jr. (Basement of Bucks County Mikvah)
Monday 8:30 PM - Understanding Mitzvot and Jewish Law with - Rabbi Shragi Malinowitz and Rabbi Boruch Kahn
Tuesday 8:00 PM - Parsha Gems with Rabbi Moshe Travitsky
Thursday 1:20 PM - Executive Lunch N' Learn with Rabbi Moshe Travitsky
Thursday 7:15 PM - Chulent'n Learn with Kollel Members
Kesher: The Women's Connection - First Wed of the month - 7:45 PM

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