bensalem COMMUNITY kollel

A most exciting development in Bensalem is the fact that that there is a full time kollel of young scholars studying full time in our own community. Our Bais Medrash (study hall), the Zichron Yeshayahu Elbogen Bais Medrash, reverberates with the beautiful sound of full-time Torash study, as has been our tradition for thousands of years. Presently, Rabbi Travitsky, 6 Kollel Families, and our Outreach Director reside in Bensalem while 3 other Kollel members commute daily from Lakewood. We hope in the very near future to bring more kollel families to actually reside in Bensalem. Come join the kollel any day from 9:45 am - 6:00 pm, or join us Wednesday at 7:00 for our Taste of Talmud or Thursday 6:30 at our Chillzone Boys Program with our Kollel members.

Looking forward to greeting you!