Why The Jews?
January 07, 18
10:00 AM
Why The Jews?


Have you every wondered why it always seems to be us? It just doesn't seem fair!

Join Rabbi Max Anteby on a thrilling journey that sources, explains and empowers us to deal with the anti-semitism that we all feel. 

Sunday morning, January 7th, at 10am

Breakfast will be served. Suggested $5 donation. 

Please RSVP. Walk-In's welcome.

For more info: 862-290-5484 or

Rabbi Max Anteby's Bio: Max has been teaching for Aish Hatorah for over twenty years.  His warm, humorous style has delighted and intrigued thousands of people in over 200 cities in the U.S., Canada and Asia.

Max has written the top-selling book from Artscroll Publications, “The Jewish Theory of Everything”.  His second book, “Spiritual Lite” was published by Sephardic Press and addresses the important topic of man’s search for meaning. His third book, "Judaism to the Max" is a delightful collection of 101 chapters addressing Judaism's approach to life.

Max is currently the Executive Director of a school for special children in New York. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, six daughters and several grandchildren (but not all in the same house).


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